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© 2019 by Ulla Koenig

About me

Meditation - Mindfulness - political Activism


For me these three go hand in hand. Inseparably.

Practice nourishes and informs our live through reflection and inquiry. Community (Sangha) is where we share and learn from each other.

In my work I emphasize:

  • The importance to see for ourselves the tendencies which cause us harm, pain and suffering. Ancient teachings have much to contribute to a wise way of living.

  • To take refuge in mindfulness and to practice the awakening of bodily awareness

  • Returning to the precious resources nature offers us. To cherish and treasure the beauty we can find in mindful walking, resting under the open skies.

  • The healing and insightful power of meditative retreats. Opportunities to find over an extend period of time rest and rejuvenation.

  • The importance to practice in groups. To share our experience, practice wise speech and deep listening to each other. To overcome feelings of shame and guilt and reenter in honest conversation with the wish to understand and learn from each other.

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