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Mi., 02. Aug.


Starts at Sonnenbühl

Dharma Yatra 2023

The Dharma Yatra is an eco-pilgrimage which provides the opportunity to explore our relationship to each other, people worldwide, animals and the environment. We walk in silence, cook, meditate and life as a mindful community.

The registration for the Dharma Yatra is closed! Please be in touch for the event next year
Dharma Yatra 2023
Dharma Yatra 2023

Zeit & Ort / Time & Place

02. Aug. 2023, 17:00 – 12. Aug. 2023, 15:00

Starts at Sonnenbühl, 72820 Sonnenbühl, Deutschland


About the Dharma Yatra 

The Dharma Yatra is an Eco-Pilgrimage of ten days, in which we walk in silence in the morning and afternoons, cook together a plant-based diet, and explore mindfulness and meditation. 

We believe we have a lot to learn and share with each other. With the Yatra being a community based effort, we all engage in mindfulness as an act of service, practicing mindful communication, work and livelihood in their many forms. All of us have the opportunity to gain contentment by being in nature, being nourished from the silence and held in communtiy.

We buy food as much as possible from local small  shops/small supermarkets and local farmers. Further we examine ways to live a life of moderation, develop a closer relationship with others, near and far, deep contact with nature and  deepen spiritual values. 

The Yatra has a registration fee of 180 Euros (starting with age 13) which covers all the costs of one person for food, transport during the Yatra, etc. Children under the age of 13 are our guests. The teachers work on donations, which can be given at the end of the Yatra.

The registration starts on March 9th 2023.

After your registration we will send you information for you to read carefully. 

Only then you need to decide whether you would like to committ fully by sending the registration fee.

Do join the Yatra.

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