IT Service

As trained web designer and computer expert, I support other self-employed body-mind workers and institutions in the social sector with my knowledge. 

Areas in which I offer services:

  • Design and upgrade of websites

  • Design and Layout for logos, banners and flyers

  • Implementation of online training courses with tools like

  • Recording and editing of audio files with tools like audacity

  • Recording and editing of videos with tools like blender

  • Implementation of a podcast on platforms like or iTunes

  • Implementation of a youtube channel

  • Social Media coaching for tools like Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, etc

  • Produce an eBook for Amazon

  • Produce an audio book for

  • Implementation of automatic newsletters with tools like Mailchimp

If you would like consultation or need support in one or more areas, please send a message to ulla.koenig(at)

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