Prajna Vihar School

The Prajna Vihar School (literally "Abode of Wisdom") is an inter-religious school for children of poor families in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. It has Christian, Muslim and Hindu teachers and students from all these religions as well as Buddhists. For years it was funded primarily by people in the Buddhist Insight Meditation community.

The school started in 1990 and currently (2017) has around 600 students. Teaching is in Hindi and apart from teaching the normal curriculum and Ethics and Dance, students are encouraged to see the richness in each of the different religious traditions. There are currently seventeen teachers.The school is managed by a not-for-profit society, called the Prajna Vihar Inter-religious Education Society (PVIRES).

The school relies on donations from the West and this support often fluctuates. To give an idea of school costs, the 2017-8 budget for the school is 2,483,772 Rupees (US$ 38,291 or Euros 33,671 at July 2017 exchange rates). This includes teacher salaries for the principal and fifteen teachers.

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