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Mo., 23. Sept.



Meeting of Hearts

We continue our meetings dedicated to explore the heart-qualities of appreciation, care, friendliness and spaciousness in a safe space in the form of meditation, reflection and sharing. Please feel free to join - it is available with and without previous experience.

Meeting of Hearts
Meeting of Hearts

Zeit & Ort / Time & Place

6 weitere Termine

23. Sept. 2024, 20:00 – 21:30



We  come together to meditate, reflect and share on the heart-qualities of  appreciation, care, friendliness and spaciousness. 

Each week I will  bring a short impulse on one of these aspects of the brahmaviharas and  then bring this into a guided meditation. Afterwards there is the  opportunity (no obligation) to spread out into sharing circles in which  we can reflect our experience in a safe space and within a framework of  mindful communication.

Joining the group from September to December costs 40 Euros. Recordings of  the impulse and the meditation will be available to listen to  afterwards.

Teilen / Share

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