Mindfulness & Meditation

"These days,

body and mind sit together like old friends.

Since we aren't getting anywhere,

they eventually decided,

why not have a seat and try to relax?

From the Therigata, Sama,

Translation by Matty Weingast

rissige Oberfläche


Together with Christopher Titmuss I offer a new mindfulness teacher training course (MTTC) starting in October 2021 for all those who find much support and benefit in their mindfulness practice and wish to share their experience with others.

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These are the retreats and online courses which I will offer in 2021 in English

29 March - 2 April 2021

Sangha Live (online)

Daily Meditation (8 am - 9 am (CET)

Starting on 21st May

The Kalyana Mitta Circle

27 May - 30 May

Coming Home

A Weekend Online Retreat

25.June - 2. July 2021

Seminarhaus Engl, Germany

Insight Meditation Retreat

with Cristopher Titmuss

07 - 17 August 2021

German Dharma Yatra

Ecopilgrimage in South Germany

Registration opens on 9. February 20201


Many of my talks given on various retreats and teacher trainings are freely available on my podcast.

I published a book in 2020 on twelve of the most well-known discourses of the Buddha. Exploring their concepts, translating the instructions into contemporary language and connecting the ancient wisdom with our current living situation.

The book is available as softcover and as an ebook. Or directly through me.


About me

I am a mindfulness and insight meditation teacher, author, mother, and software expert.

My aspiration is to mindfulness and meditation to those who can benefit from it the most. I offer workshops and courses in prisons, hospitals, for people with special needs, people with chronic pain, refugees and environmental and social activists.

The Buddhist tradition is to me a rich and powerful resource. I bring these teachings of ancient wisdom to my retreats and workshops, combining them with practices of embodiment, creativity and modern psychology.

Much of my work, I offer on donations. If you wish to support me, please click here. Every small support is very much welcomed!

Do contact me if you have any questions

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