Mindfulness & Meditation

"These days,

body and mind sit together like old friends.

Since we aren't getting anywhere,

they eventually decided,

why not have a seat and try to relax?

From the Therigata, Sama,

Translation by Matty Weingast

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Course

    The teacher training course in 2020 is full with a waiting list.

    We are planing to give an international online teacher training course starting in summer 2021.

    If you are interested in joining and want to be kept up to date, please click here to drop us an email.

    For more information on the MTTC please click button below.

  • Online Courses

    Together with Christopher Titmuss I offer a series of mindfulness online course to deepen practice from home or on the road.

    Currently we are offering a series on "Mindfulness as a Support for Daily Life".

    Do click button below for more information and details on the online retreats.

  • Support for Personal Practice

    I am happy to offer my support as mindfulness and meditation teacher to other practitioners.

    Together we explore ways to establish or deepen an existing practice and adapt mindfulness and meditation to your individual circumstances.

    You can choose between online meetings or on the phone.

    These offerings are based on donation.

    Do contact me via email for more information.

  • Online Talks

    I offer a series of recorded talks, practices and questions and answers on soundcloud.org for free.

    Click button bellow to go to the recordings.

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