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Mindfulness & Meditation

"These days,

body and mind sit together like old friends.

Since we aren't getting anywhere,

they eventually decided,

why not have a seat and try to relax?

From the Therigata, Sama,

Translation by Matty Weingast

Coming Up Next

  • Kalyana Mitta Circle
    Kalyana Mitta Circle
    Frühling/ Spring 2024
    Frühling/ Spring 2024
    Dieser Halbjahreskurs bietet die Möglichkeit im kleinen Kreis von zehn Teilnehmer*innen die eigene Praxis zu vertiefen. Nächster Start: Sommer 2024 This half-year online course offers the possibilty to deepen you practice in a small group. Next start (English): Spring 2024
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